Note: Hitting "1" or "2" will switch between Normal and Hell Levels.

A fan interpretation of a game from Bob's Burgers.

This is an early build game jam release, with future updates including more enemy variation, several levels, new items, and a boss fight. Should I get around to it.


A = Move Left
D = Move Right
Space = Jump
Mouse Left Button = Spatula Attack
Mouse Right Button = Throw Tomato Slice

Note: This is a fan game based off a fake game from a real episode of Bob's Burgers. I do not own Bob's Burgers or make money off this. This is a work of art from a fan.

All properties are copyright and or registered of their respective holders.


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Please tell me how I can download and play this game offline! I love it!


I had a lot of fun with this game, and I did surprisingly well at it! Thank you, Sugar Rushes! :D